• Covid-19 information
  • Do I have to wear a face-covering?
    Yes, when using the bus you have to wear a face covering for the duration of your journey unless you have an exemption. Exemptions include certain medical conditions and children under the age of 11. Children on dedicated home to schools transport must wear a covering if over the age of 11 unless exempt. Exemption passes can be obtained from your place of education. More information can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#face-coverings

    What timetables are you operating to?
    All services are continuing to operate a full timetable. Please check the current timetables section of the website for further information.

    Are the buses operating at reduced capacity?
    Following the latest government guidance buses are restricted to around 80% of their normal capacity. A double decker can carry approximately 60 passengers, a full size single deck 35 passengers and a mini single deck 25 passengers. Vehicles being used on dedicated home to school transport can operate at full seating capacity in line with government guidelines.

    Where should I sit on the bus?
    Every forward facing seat on the bus is available to use. Side and rear facing seats are not available for use and signage on bus should indicate which seats are not available for use.

    Why are the windows open?
    We are trying to ensure that windows are left open to improve ventilation. We ask that passengers do not close the windows to assist in this practice.

    Is there any danger my bus might be full?
    At the moment we are carrying fewer passengers than normal. We are monitoring usage levels and allocating vehicles accordingly but we have had very few issues where buses have been full.

    Are you accepting cash?
    We are accepting cash but prefer passengers to use contactless or mobile ticketing. Where cash is the only option we ask that you try to have the exact fare available.

    Have you implemented enhanced cleaning regimes?
    Yes, high contact areas such as grab rails and grab handles are being sanitised at the end of each day along with the usual cleaning programmes. We have also installed hand sanitiser dispensers in every vehicle. We ask that passengers use this every time you board the vehicle. We have also invested in a fogging machine which assists in sanitising buses each day.

  • Are the buses fully accessible?
  • All of our buses are low-floor, easy access buses which are suitable for wheelchairs to travel on. They also have ramps at the entrance so that wheelchairs can access the bus easily. In the event that the bus stop does not have a raised kerb the driver can assist you in accessing the bus by lowering the ramp.
    Each bus has space for one wheelchair. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their wheelchair is safely positioned within the designated area and that they adhere to any notices applicable to that area and ensure that it does not obstruct or block any exit or gangway.
  • Do you allow mobility scooters on the bus?
  • We accept Class 2 mobility scooters (as designated by the Department for Transport) provided the mobility scooter does not exceed 1000mm long and 600mm wide with a maximum turning circle of 1200mm. Each bus has space for one mobility scooter. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their mobility scooter is safely positioned within the designated area and that they adhere to any notices applicable to that area and ensure that it does not obstruct or block any exit or gangway.
  • Can I bring a dog onto the bus?
  • Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome on the bus, as long as they are on a lead and kept under control. Your dog will not be allowed on the bus if the driver believes it is dangerous, or if it is a ‘banned’ breed of dog. Only one dog is allowed per deck at any one time. You should also keep your dog off the bus seats.
    If you bring your dog onto the bus you are responsible for its behaviour, and are liable for any damage, loss or injury it causes.
    Any other small animals must be caged, boxed or kept on a lead.
  • Can I bring a pushchair/buggy on to the bus?
  • Yes, you can take a pushchair or buggy onto the bus, as long as it can be folded. All of our buses are low-floor, easy access vehicles, which makes it easy for you to get onto the bus. You can put the buggy unfolded into the wheelchair space if it is not already occupied. If a wheelchair user wishes to board the bus, the driver will ask you to fold your pushchair and put it into the luggage rack. Please make sure your pushchair or buggy does not block the aisle.
  • Can I take my bike on the bus?
  • Folding bicycles, which are safely and securely stowed in the designated luggage area in a suitable bag or box, are generally permitted onto our buses if the driver believes that there is sufficient luggage space available. Fixed-frame bicycles are generally not carried on our buses however.
  • How do I collect lost property?
  • Any items that are handed in, or that are found by our staff are held by the driver until the end of the day when it is then handed in to the depot.
    If you realise soon after leaving the bus that you’ve left something behind we may be able to contact our driver through our ticket machine messaging system to check if the item is still on board. If found it may be possible to collect the item off the bus later in the day. If it is not collected from the bus it can be collected from the following address:

    Faresaver Buses, The Coach Yard, Bumpers Farm Ind Est, Chippenham, SN14 6NQ

    You will be asked for some form of ID when collecting any lost property from the bus or depot.
    Anything perishable, such as food, is disposed of straight away. We keep lost property for four weeks. After this time it’s disposed of, or items with any value are given to charity.
    If you find someone else’s lost property on the bus, please hand it in to the driver.
  • Do you accept contactless payments?
  • Yes, you can pay using contactless up to the value of £45 on all of our services. We accept all major debit/credit cards, ApplePay and Googlepay. We do not accept AMEX. We also offer mobile ticketing where certain tickets can be bought and used on your mobile phone. Please see the 'Do you offer mobile ticketing' page for more information.
  • How do you make passengers aware of delays?
  • If there are upcoming road works or road closures which we feel may impact on timings we will notify passengers on the 'Service disruption' section of our website. For day to day events we will publish details of any significant delays to our Facebook - Faresaver Buses, and Twitter @FaresaverBuses feeds so please follow us to keep up to date.
  • Do your buses have WiFi?
  • The majority of our fleet is fitted with free WiFi. If a bus is fitted with this there will be a 'Free WiFi' sign on the window next to the passenger entrance door. To access the onboard WiFi please ensure that your phone is able to search for active networks and then select the 'Faresaver' network. You may find that you are unable to use certain streaming sites and are unable to download content to ensure that everyone on the bus has sufficient access.
  • Am I able to check when my bus is due to arrive?
  • Some of our services which go into Bath are linked to Real Time Information systems (RTI). This means that certain bus stops will have displays which show you how far away the bus is.
  • Do you offer Mobile ticketing?
  • Yes we do offer mobile ticketing on the majority of our services. At the moment Day, Week and Month Adult and Child tickets can be purchased along with Annual student tickets.
    On some of our school services we also offer 11 journey and termly passes.
    To set up an account visit mymobiletickets.com
    Once you have set up an account select 'Faresaver' from the list of participating operators and a list of the services we operate is shown. Select the relevant service and a list of the ticket options for that service can then be viewed. Select your ticket and then you can choose your payment method. Once payment is accepted the ticket can be activated for use straight away otherwise it is stored in 'My tickets' until a point when you wish to activate it ready for use.
    Please note that Day, Week and Monthly tickets allow unlimited travel across all of our network with the exception of the X10 and 555 school services. So if you purchased a week ticket through the X31 service section this does not restrict usage to the X31 service but allows usage of all services for 1 week.
    When using mobile tickets please ensure that you show your active ticket to the driver on boarding and not a screenshot. If a screenshot of a ticket is presented you may be asked to pay a fare. An SMS link to your ticket can be sent to your phone when activated for quick access.
  • Do I have to signal to the bus for it to stop?
  • Yes, as the bus is coming you should put your hand out to signal clearly to the bus driver that you want that bus to stop. At some bus stops there are several different bus services that go past, so if you do not signal the driver may assume you are waiting for another bus.
    Even if no other buses go past your stop, you should still put out your hand, or the bus may not stop.
  • Am I eligible to pay child fares?
  • We offer child fares to any passengers under the age of 18 and also to anyone in further education regardless of their age. If you’re nearing the age of 18, or look like you could be, you’ll need to carry some sort of photo ID or student ID to prove you don’t have to pay the full adult fare. If you are in further education then you will need to carry some form of student identification such as a University ID card or NUS card.
  • Can I eat, drink or smoke on the bus?
  • No, to keep our buses as clean as possible we do not allow eating or drinking onboard, therefore bringing things like coffee etc onto the bus is not permitted. It is illegal to smoke on public transport and for the comfort of other passengers we also request that e-cigarettes are not used whilst travelling on the bus.
  • Do I need to carry the exact fare?
  • No, we don’t need you to have the exact money for your fare. However, if you know what the fare is it would be helpful if you have the correct change, as this reduces the time the bus has to wait at your stop, and means the bus can keep to time better. Please try and avoid using £10/£20 notes for small value fares as although our drivers do carry a float, it does makes their life easier.