Jan 2017 - Revised fares 8th January

We have revised fares coming into effect on Monday 9th January. Fares will increase by up to 50p on single and return tickets with multi journey tickets changing accordingly. The changes have been made to address recent increases in operational costs, which includes the hidden costs associated with worsening congestion across the region.

In addition, cost saving exercises carried out by local Councils have meant that we have not received annual increases on contracted services for three years and the reimbursement we receive for carrying concessionary pass holders has reduced in real terms over the same period. Wiltshire Council have authorised an increase in fares on their contracted services equating to approximately 10% to assist with the shortfall in funding we are currently experiencing and to ensure the longer term viability of these supported services. These fares have remained unchanged since April 2014.

Where passengers currently purchase single and return tickets on a daily or occasional basis we would strongly recommend looking at other fare options available such as the 11 journey ticket and week and month tickets. These tickets offer large savings for both regular and occasional users over buying tickets on a daily basis and assist with boarding speeds which in turn improve journey times and assist with running a punctual service. Further to this Day, Week and Monthly tickets bought through mobile ticketing will not be increasing in price. If you would like more information regarding mobile ticketing please visit mymobiletickets.com and select Faresaver from the list of operators. We hope that we will be able to increase the range of tickets available through mobile ticketing in the near future.

Fares on school services which may have increased in September will also be unaffected. In addition promotions such as the kids go free during school holidays, concessionary pass holders travelling at child fares before 0930 and students travelling at child rates regardless of age will be unaffected.

On bus ticket prices
Adult Day - 7.50*
Adult Week - 23.00
Adult Month - 85.00
Child/student Day - 4.80*
Child/student Week - 16.00
Child/student Month - 60.00

Mobile ticketing
Adult Day - 7.00*
Adult Week - 22.00
Adult Month - 80.00
Child/student Day - 4.50*
Child/student Week - 15.00
Child/student Month - 55.00

*Please remember that we do still return tickets which are cheaper than Day tickets. Day tickets allow unlimited travel across all of our services for one day whereas return tickets allow travel between two designated points in either direction.

If you would like specific information on single, return and multi journey tickets please email enquiries@faresaver.co.uk or contact us on 01249 444444

Update - fares on service 33 & X33 which we are operating following the closure of APL Travel will be unaffected. We will also be accepting all passes which were previously accepted by APL Travel on this service.