Jan 2018 - Timetable/fare changes from 29th January 2018

From 29th January there will be changes to a number of timetables along with our annual fare revision.

Timetable changes:

10 Corsham Town:
The majority of timings on the town service remain unchanged but the current 1335 and 1435 trips departing Newlands Road will be combined into one trip at 1405. In addition the trips which service through to Chippenham will no longer operate due to low passenger numbers. Alternative buses between Corsham and Chippenham are available on the X31 service which departs Newlands Road up to every 20 minutes.

33/X33 Chippenham - Devizes:
We have experienced an increase in usage of this service over the past year and are therefore introducing a trip departing Chippenham at 1600 arriving into Devizes for 1652 and a trip departing Chippenham at 0830 arriving into Devizes for 0910. The current 0700 departure from Chippenham along with 0800 departure from Devizes will depart at 0655 and 0755 respectively in an effort to improve punctuality.

X34 Chippenham - Frome:
This service will no longer operate via Notton village. Passengers wishing to use the service to/from Notton and Whitehall Garden Centre should use the Cantax Hill stop in Lacock. The majority of timings throughout the day remain unchanged but certain trips around the afternoon peak have been given more time to reflect current traffic conditions.
In addition any passengers currently using the Trowbridge 0735 to Oak School morning service should now catch the main Frome - Chippenham X34 and alight on Spa Road. This trip departs Trowbridge Town Hall at 0738. The afternoon service will continue to operate from Oak School at 1500.

44 Chippenham Town:
Timings of trips have been adjusted by up to 15 minutes between 1600 - 1700. The 0830 Pewsham service will no longer operate due to low passenger numbers. All other timings remain unchanged.

60/65 Trowbridge Town:
There are no changes being made to the Studley Green/Wiltshire Road loop. However we will no longer operate the St Thomas Road loop and this will be taken on by Frome Minibuses. In its place we will be operating the 65 service via Brook Road previously operated by Frome Minibuses on weekdays. The Saturday service will continue to be operated by Frome Minibuses.

69 Trowbridge - Bradford on Avon - Melksham - Corsham:
Timing changes have been made across the 68/69 service, particularly around the lunchtime period. The service will also no longer serve Asda bus stop in Melksham.

Revised fares:
Some single and return fares on service numbers X31, X33/33, X34, X67, X72, 10, 228 and 635 are increasing by up to 30p. 11 journey ticket prices will adjust accordingly.
In addition Adult and Child weekly tickets bought on-bus will increase by 50p and monthly tickets by 2. The price of all mobile tickets will remain unchanged.

For more details about mobile ticketing please visit www.mymobiletickets.com

Fares on School specific services e.g. X10, X86, 287, 555 will not be changing.