Sep 2018 - September timetable changes - X34, X67, X72, 60, 228

3rd September 2018

X67: Bath - Frome
- Following passenger feedback we have made some alterations to the route the X67 takes in Frome. The service will now operate via Ecos Court, Weymouth Road rather than The Butts (this will be served by the X34 service from 10th September).
- The service will operate via the Rodden Road stop after 0900 to serve Frome Hospital (stop outside Hospital on Rodden Rd)
- An additional trip through Rode at 1159 towards Bath.

X72: Bath - Easterton
- An additional trip departing Bath to Devizes at 1624.
- Services previously operating from Bath and terminating in Melksham will service through to Bowerhill.
- Additional trips departing Bowerhill to Bath at 1213 & 1513.

228: Bath - Colerne
- Retiming of 0910 trip from Marshfield to Bath to 0925.

10th September 2018

60/65: Trowbridge - Studley Green & Brook Road
- Minor timing changes

X34: Chippenham - Frome
- Service will operate along The Butts in Frome to/from Sainsbury's.
- Minor timing changes across the route.