Jan 2019 - Revised fares 7th January 2019

Day tickets:
The price of an Adult Day ticket will reduce from 7.50 to 7.00. Child/Student Day tickets will also reduce from 4.80 to 4.50.

Week/Monthly tickets:
There will be no change in the price of standard Weekly or Monthly tickets whether purchased on-bus or on mobile ticketing. This includes both Adult and Child versions of the ticket.

No change unless stated below.
Adult AvonRider Day - Currently 7.20, new price 7.00.
Remember this ticket is now also valid on the whole X31 route and X72 route as far as Bowerhill and is valid for travel on both Faresaver and FirstBus services 7 days a week with the weekly ticket option. Travel must go into the AvonRider zone e.g. Bath.
Child BathRider Week - Currently 15.50, new price 16.50.
New prices apply on all participating operators.

Single/Return tickets:
Some tickets will remain unchanged however some will increase by up to 30p. Multi journey tickets will adjust accordingly. For specific fare information please use the feedback form on our website stating ticket type and points between which travel from/to.

Multi journey ticket offer:
The special offer on certain services whereby 10 used tickets can be exchanged for a new ticket is being withdrawn from 31st March 2019.

School services:
Fares on services which predominately serve schools will not change. This includes the following-
All services into Ralph Allen School (except BathRider week ticket - see above)
X10 service to Sheldon/Hardenhuish
635 to Sheldon/Hardenhuish
X72 - element of service between Devizes and Lavington School
555 to Corsham School

Family Day:
The Special offer which has been running for some weeks now will cease and the fare will revert to 12.

Concessionary passes:
There will be no alterations in regards to the validity times on concessionary passes and we are continuing our offer whereby pass holders are able to travel at Child rates outside of the valid times.

X31 Crossover:
Adult Day - Currently 7.20 this will be discontinued and passengers are advised to purchase an AvonRider Day ticket costing 7.00
Child Day ticket - Currently 4.50, new price 4.80
Adult Week - Currently 27.50, new price 29.50 - AvonRider Week price - 32.50
Child Week - Currently 20.00, new price 22.00 - AvonRider Week price - 24.50