Jan 2020 - Contactless available from Sunday 26th January

What's new?

Payments of up to 30 can be paid for any ticket type. Credit/Debit cards, ApplePay and Google Pay are accepted for travel. Tickets over 30 will have to be paid for in cash but please remember that our monthly tickets are available to download to your mobile phone on mymobiletickets.com

QR Code:
Faresaver Day, Week and Month tickets will be issued with a QR code. On boarding the bus with a ticket containing a QR code simply place the ticket face up under the barcode scanner for the ticket to be read.

Concessionary passes:
These passes will work in the same way as previously by placing your pass on the card scanner. However you will no longer receive a ticket from the machine. Once the machine indicates your pass is valid you can simply board the bus without a ticket.