Feb 2020 - X72 - FAQ regarding D3 cancellation

Since the announcement that the D3 service between Melksham and Bath is being cancelled in April we have received a number of queries in relation to our X72 service. Here are a few of the most common questions which have been asked, if there is anything we have missed please feel free to ask in the comments section.

Will you be taking on the Evening and Sunday service?
These elements of the service are operated by Firstbus with subsidy from Wiltshire Council. It is understood that Wiltshire Council are currently seeking an alternative operator for the evening and Sunday buses between Bath, Melksham and Devizes. However, this will require a procurement exercise and so further details of evening and Sunday services will be available mid-March.

Your X72 doesn't cover Melksham Forest/Whitley/Box. Will these areas lose their service?
We are currently working on an enhanced X72 service which will provide buses through these areas.

Do you accept contactless payments on your buses?
Yes we do accept contactless payments and we also use mobile ticketing where certain tickets (Day/Week/Month) can be purchased and shown on your mobile phone.

Are there any tickets available for onward travel into Bath?
Yes, the AvonRider ticket is valid on the x72 for all points up to and including Bowerhill. This ticket allows travel on the X72 so long as your journey takes you into/out of Bath and for travel across the West of England area including Bath and Bristol. For more information about this ticket visit our website -

Will you have enough capacity for all the passengers?
We have larger vehicles available to use on certain trips where we believe there may be capacity issues.

Do you accept concessionary passes?
Yes we accept concessionary passes on all of our services within the valid periods. This is after 0930 in Wiltshire and 0900 in Bath on weekdays and all day at weekends. Outside of these times we allow concessionary passholders to travel at child rates.