Service Updates

X31 - X31 - Cross Keys Road, Corsham

09 Jul

Due to a section of Cross Keys road being closed between 22 July - 26 September 2019, service X31 will be diverting as follows:
TOWARDS BATH: Straight through Cross Keys (not left onto Cross Keys Road), then left onto Priory Street, left again onto Kings Avenue/Coulston Road. Then at the end turn right onto Cross Keys Road, then onto Newlands Road and back to normal route.
TOWARDS CHIPPENHAM: Will be the opposite direction to the above.
This means that Priory Street (Corsham) stops will not be served in either direction during this period.
This also means that the bus stops on Kings Avenue/Coulston Road will collect passengers heading in the opposite direction to the normal route. For example, those travelling to Chippenham would need to stand on the opposite side of the road to normal as the Bath-bound bus will be serving that stop.
If you have any queries please contact us via phone: 01249 444 444 or email:


07 Aug

From Monday 12th August to Friday 22nd November, Bradford Road is closed, meaning the three stops in each direction will be closed. Please see the attached image for information on the diverted route around Park Lane. Temporary bus stops will be put in place next to the Freestone Way roundabout on Park Lane and on Westwells Road.
For any queries, please contact us on 01249444444 or

33/X33 - Services X10/33/X33 - DERRY HILL CLOSURE

20 Aug

Services X10/33/X33 - DERRY HILL CLOSURE
From 27/08/2019-06/09/2019 services X10, 33 & X33 will be unable to serve Derry Hill. Please find the information in the attached image.
If you have any queries, please contact us on 01249444444

X31 - DIVERSION - Furzehill

09 Sep

From Mon 9th- Fri 20th September 2019, Furzehill is closed in Corsham meaning we cannot serve Pound Pill/Stokes Road/Pund Mead/Furzehill/Valley Road. This means the X31 will divert via Pickwick road (turning right out of Newlands Rd towards Bath) then left onto Beechfield Road, following that up to Valley Road and turning right then back on normal route, and vice versa towards Chippenham. For the Bath direction there is a temporary stop on Beechfield Rd outside the sports centre (opposite fire station) and Chippenham-bound is near Brunel Close on Beechfield Road (there is a bus stop flag there). The top of Valley Road will be unaffected (i.e. the stop closest to Beechfield Road).
The 08:15 service 10 departure on Corsham Town Service will also be unable to serve Furzehill, and will therefore follow normal route via Beechfield Road.