Jan 2022 - Change of mobile ticket provider

From Sunday 16th January passengers will no longer be able to purchase tickets through mymobiletickets.com Any tickets already purchased will continue to be accepted for a period of 90 days after this date. Passengers with tickets which extend beyond this period should contact us on enquiries@faresaver.co.uk

Going forward we have teamed up with Passenger for our ongoing mobile ticketing requirements where passengers will be able to purchase tickets through the MyTrip App. If you go to the App Store/Google Play, links to which can be found on our homepage, you will be able to download the free MyTrip app. From there select Faresaver and you will be able to access our page.

The tickets on offer will reflect those previously available on Mymobiletickets, however in time we will look to enhance the number of tickets which can be purchased. Also available is the option to 'gift' tickets. You no longer have to purchase the ticket on the phone being used, you can set up the payment facility on one phone and then 'gift' the ticket to another user, useful if you have children who use mobile ticketing. Tickets can also be sent remotely so long as both devices have mobile data.

One important difference when using the mobile ticket is that you will now have to scan the QR code on boarding the bus. The ticket must be displayed, with the QR code showing and placed facing upwards on the smartcard scanner so the QR reader can read the ticket information. As always screenshots will not be accepted for travel as the QR codes refresh frequently. Mobile data is not required when boarding the bus so long as the ticket has been activated whilst mobile data available, for example before leaving home or with access to mobile data e.g 4G.

Also included in the App is a live tracking map so you are able to see where your bus is in real time.

If you have any queries about either Mymobiletickets or Passenger then please contact us in the usual methods - email enquiries@faresaver.co.uk Tel - 01249 444444