I use the existing x31, what changes will affect me?
Very little will change other than the number of the service changing from x31 to 231. The existing timetable remains largely the same, some minor changes to improve punctuality. If you live near the new x31 route then you will also have access to extra direct services between Bath and Chippenham every hour.

What route will the new service follow?
From Chippenham Bus Station the service will operate via Bath Road and the A4 to Corsham Newlands Road, serving Chippenham Hospital and Sainsburys. From Corsham the service will operate via Pickwick Road back to the A4 and will then operate via the quickest route into Bath, past Copenacre, through Box and along Batheaston bypass. All stops along the route will be served.

Why change the name of the x31 to 231?
Some passengers may recall that the service between Bath and Chippenham used to be the 231. The X31 was introduced to offer quicker connections between Chippenham, Corsham and Bath, but over time, and following the cancellation of the 231, the X31 covered more of the route and there wasn’t much ‘express’ about the service, which is what the ‘x’ stands for. So this will correct that anomaly. The existing x31 will revert to the 231 and the new direct service will take on the x31 number.

Will the fares be the same as the current service?
The current £2 fare cap has been extended until December 2024 and so the maximum you will pay is £2 single. All other fares will be the same and valid across both services, so if you purchase a return ticket on the x31 it will be valid on the 231 and vice versa over common sections of route.
Any council issued x31 passes will also be valid on both the x31 and 231.

Why is this service only operating on weekdays?
We hope the new x31 will prove popular and there is nothing to say that more direct x31 trips will not be added in the future. These changes see the service revert to its post Covid frequency of three buses per hour between Chippenham, Corsham and Bath.

Will you be printing paper timetables?
Yes, we are finalising the leaflet as we speak and they will be available to collect on bus and from various outlets along the route prior to the start date.

If you have any other queries message us via Facebook, email enquiries@faresaver.co.uk or give us a call on 01249 444444.