• Single Tickets
  • Single tickets are available on all services and entitle passengers to travel in a single direction between two points.
  • Return Tickets
  • Return tickets are offered at all times of day and there is no premium for travel before 9:00am. Return tickets must be used on the day of purchase and are not generally valid on other operators' buses - please refer to timetable for further information.
  • 11 Journey tickets
  • Faresaver Eleven tickets offer reduced travel for eleven single journeys on the section of route for which they are valid. They have no expiry date and can be used at any time of day. Adult and Child/Student tickets are available and price depends on points travelling from/to. These tickets are bought on bus and are not available on mobile ticketing.
  • Child/Student fares
  • 0 - 4 years old travel free of charge.

    5 - 18 year olds travel at child fares. In school holidays up to two children up to the age of 17 can travel free when accompanied by a fare paying adult. Proof of age or student ID may be required to purchase child tickets.

    Students over the age of 18 can travel at child fares when carrying valid student ID e.g. Student ID card issued by place of education or NUS card. Student ID must display a valid expiry date to enable travel at child fares.

    Up to 2 children travel free when accompanied by an adult during school holiday periods - validity periods are published on our news page and social media prior to each holiday period.
  • Day tickets
  • £7.50 for an adult day, £5.00 for a child/student ticket - allows unlimited travel on most Faresaver services for one day - excludes services x10, x83, 555 and 635
  • Week/Month tickets - also available on mobile ticketing
  • Adult WeekSaver -
    £25 on bus
    £24 on mobile ticketing.
    Allows you unlimited travel on any Faresaver service for one week (7 days from date of purchase). The ticket is not valid with other operators.

    Adult Month
    £92 on bus - valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
    £85 on mobile ticketing - valid for one calendar month.
    Allows unlimited travel on any Faresaver service. The ticket is not valid with other operators.

    Child Week
    £17.50 on bus
    £17 on mobile ticketing
    Allows unlimited travel on any Faresaver service for children/students for one week (7 days from date of purchase)* The ticket is not valid with other operators.

    Child/Student Month
    £67 on bus - valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
    £60 on mobile ticketing - valid for one calendar month.
    Allows unlimited travel on any Faresaver service for one calendar month* The ticket is not valid with other operators.

    * Not valid on services 555, 635, X10 & X83 service - check timetables for all fare information/options.
  • Concessionary passes
  • We accept all valid concessionary passes in BaNES, Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire subject to conditions.

    Valid if boarding in BaNES & S.Gloucestershire after 0900 weekdays and all day weekends/public holidays.

    Valid if boarding in Somerset after 0930. Companion passes are not valid for travel if boarding in Somerset on service X34. They can be used if boarding in Wiltshire or BaNES and travelling into Somerset.

    In Wiltshire concessionary passes are accepted after 0930 on all services except services 91 and 33 service where they can be used from 0830. They are valid all day at weekends/public holidays.

    Before valid times pass holders are able to travel at child fares. Please show your pass on boarding and ask your driver for a child fare.
  • Mobile ticketing
  • You can buy Day, Week and Monthly tickets on your mobile phone - for more information and to see which tickets are available download the myTrip App and select Faresaver from the list of operators.
    You should purchase your ticket in advance of travel and activate it when required - an internet connection will be required to do this and so we recommend you do this before leaving home/work etc. Once the ticket has been activated an internet connection is not required to access the ticket. On boarding the bus present the QR code shown on the ticket to the scanner on the ticket machine. Please be aware that that a screenshot of the ticket will not be accepted for travel as the QR code will refresh every 30 seconds.

    If you require any further information regarding mobile tickets contact us on 01249 444444
  • AvonRider
  • We accept and issue Avonrider tickets on all services operating within Bath. This ticket can be used on with other operators across the the WECA (former BaNES/S.Gloucs/Bristol/North Somerset) area. They are also valid for travel on the whole X31 service and 271/2/3 service so long as your journey starts/finishes within Bath. They are also valid between Bath and Westbury on the Firstbus D1 service.

    Adult Day - £7.50.

    Child/Student Day - £5.50

    Adult Week - £32.50

    Child/Student week - £24.50

  • BathRider
  • We accept and issue Bathrider tickets on all services operating within Bath. They can be used on any participating company within the scheme area for unlimited daily/weekly travel.

    Adult Day - £5.00

    Child/student Day - £3.50

    Adult Week - £21.00

    Child/student Week - £16.50
  • Student Annual Pass
  • We currently offer an annual pass for children/students which allows unlimited travel on most of our services for £675.00 per year. These can be purchased through the myTrip app, a link to which can be found on the home page.
    Excluded services are the 555, 635, X10 and X83 services - see timetables for further information.

    Please note that annual passes are not refundable in the event that schools/colleges close due to Covid-19.
  • Wiltshire Day Rover
  • We accept and issue Wiltshire Day Rover tickets which allow unlimited travel on all participating buses in the county of Wiltshire. Your journey must start, finish or be wholly within Wiltshire.

    Adult WDR - £9.50

    Child/Concessionary - £6.30

    Family - £25.00 (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)
  • Group Tickets
  • Family Day - Valid for up to 5 passengers to travel together for £14. Of the passengers travelling a maximum of 2 can be adults.
  • Train/Bus tickets
    Allows unlimited travel on most bus and train services in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire with one ticket. This ticket is available in three zones and can be bought from your bus driver. Further information regarding this ticket can be found on the FirstBus website.

    We accept PlusBus tickets for travel on all our services within Chippenham. FirstBus accept PlusBus tickets for their services in Bath - please visit their website for full details.